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Eagle One Media, Inc. (US)

Eagle One Media, Inc. - Alien Seed by E.C. Tubb

Originally published in June of 1976 as #7 in the "Space: 1999" series by Pocket Books (US). See our coverage here.

Space: 1999 Alien Seed
by E.C. Tubb

Publication Date: February 2002
Paperback, 196 pages

Published by Eagle One Media, Inc.
ISBN: 0-9714785-0-3

Featuring a newly written Introduction by Author E.C. Tubb.

As Moonbase Alpha hurtles through space, an unrelenting chain of events threatens its very existence...

A rogue asteroid on course toward certain collision, a deadly plague decimating the crew with systematic precision, and the hypnotic presence of a mysterious female creature - was there a hidden connection and would Commander John Koenig, Doctor Helena Russell and Professor Victor Bergman discover the secret in time to thwart imminent destruction?

SPACE: 1999 ALIEN SEED is a fast-paced original based on the classic science fiction television series.